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Beach Access Information

Southern Shores and Duck do not have any public beach accesses; their accesses are for use by residents and visitors renting in the area. Parking is by permit only.

Currituck County, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head have numerous public beach accesses. Look for a CAMA Public Beach Access sign with an orange sun. These accesses range from simple walkways to the beach to complete bathhouses with bathrooms, showers and handicapped parking.

H- Handicapped access
B- Bathhouse
LG- Lifeguard
P- Paved parking
S - shower

Duck Beach Accesses – not public, for residents and renters only
Barrier Island – LG ,P
Four Seasons – LG, P
Plover Drvie – LG
Schooner Ridge Road – LG
Sprigtail Drive – LG

Southern Shores Beach Accesses – not public, for residents and renters only
Chickahauk Beach – LG, H, P
Hillcrest Beach – LG, H, P

Nags Head Public Beach Accesses
Eighth Street – H, P, S
Albatross Street – LG. P, S
Gallery Row – P, S
Abalone Street – P, S
Admiral Street – P, S
Baltic Street – H, P
Barnes Street – P, S
Blackman Street – P, S
Bonnett Street – B, H, LG, P
Bittern Street – P, S
Bladen Street – H, P, S
Bainbridge Street – P, S
Curlew Street – H
Hollowell Street – LG, P, S
Conch Street – P, S
Small Street – P, S
Enterprise Street – H, LG, P
Loggerhead Street – P, S
Town Hall – P, S
Epstein Street – B, LG, P
Forrest Street – H, LG, S, P
Glidden Street – H, P
Gull Street – P, S
Gray Eagle Street – LG, P, S
Gulfstream Street – H, LG, P, S
Governor Street – P, S
Huron – S, P, S
Holden Street – H, P, S
Hargrove Street – B, H, LG, P, S
Ida Street
Isabella Street – S, P
Islington Street – S, P
Indigo Street – H, S
Jay Street – S
June Street – H
Jacob Street
Juncos Street – H, LG, P, S
Limulus Street – S, P
Park Service – P

Kitty Hawk Public Beach Accesses
Balchen Street – P
Bennett Street
Bleriot Street
Byrd Street – P, H, LG, S
Eckner – P,  LG
Fonck Street – P
Hawks Street - P
Kitty Hawk Bath House, east end of Kitty Hawk Road – B, LG, P
Lillian Street – P, S
Luke Street – P
Maynard Street – P
Wilkins Street – P

Kill Devil Hills Public Beach Accesses
Helga Street - H
Hayman Boulevard – P, H, S
Avalon Beach - South of Avalon Pier – P
Fifth Street – P
Third Street – H, S
Second Street – P, H, S
First Street – P, H, S
Asheville Street – P, H, S
Woodmere Avenue – P, H, S
Carlow Avenue – P, H, S
Ocean Bay Boulevard – B, P, H
Oregon Avenue – P, S
Baum Street
Clark Street – P, S
Martin Street – P, S
Atlantic Street – P, S
Neptune Drive – Ocean Acres
Lake Drive
Eighth Street – P, H, S
Prospect Street – H, S, P
Raleigh Street – L, H, S, P
Sutton Street – H, S, P

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Beach Accesses
The Cape Hatteras National Seashore has walkover areas providing access to the ocean beach, as well as two bathhouses.
Coquina Beach Access – B, LG, H, P
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse – B, LG, H, P

Soundside Beach Accesses

Kitty Hawk
Windgrass Circle – H, P
Bob Perry Road – P

Kill Devil Hills
Hayman Street Estuarine Access – P, pier, picnic area
Dock Street – P
West Third Street
Arch Street

Nags Head
Jockey’s Ridge State Park – H, P, restrooms
West Danube Street – P
Harvey Street, MP 16 – H, P
Nags Head Estuarine Site – H, P
Melvin Daniels Bridge on the Causeway (“little bridge”) – P, H, restrooms

Roanoke Island
Old Swimming Hole at Dare County Regional Airport – LG, H, P, picnic, park
Washington Baum Bridge – H, P

Hatteras Island
Cape Hatteras National Seashore has numerous soundside ORV trails and sand paths along the sound. Go to http://www.nps.gov/caha/planyourvisit/off-road-vehicle-use.htm or pick up a Beach Driving brochure from a NPS visitor center.

Salvo Day Use Area – H, S, P
Haulover/Canadian Hole – H, S, P
Sandy Bay, south of Frisco – P


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